@Author Masasi.Sanae   @Version 1.20;10.July.2000

 The report ," The Rut of Mobius " and " The Tail of Mobius ", which was written by Mr.Nakamura teacher from Sinkawa Senior High school, explains the power change in the complex number plane.
 In this report, an attempts is made to draw a figure and show how a complex change modifies the figure on the screen using Decimal BASIC.
 Just trace a simple figure on the screen with a mouse pen, and the program will display the modified figure simultaneously.
 Let's try to enjoy such complex changes.

  1. Let's try to picture using Decimal BASIC

  2. The change of w=z2

  3. Various other changes

  4. The secret of the changes

  5. All coordinates of the plane change

  6. The figures in the changed coordinates plane